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Real Time Video Conference System

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Product Detail Information

eConferenceReal │ Time Video Conference System

│ Description │

>>Real-time video conference system

As a web browser-based video conference system, the first of its kind in Korea, it can be used in various system environments such as Cross OS (Windows, Linux, and Macintosh) and Cross Browser (Explorer, Safari, and Chrome) and provides an excellent environment in which Web can be used without installation. It can also be used for live video conference, video education/seminar, electronic document conference, or remote video interview.

>>Execution screen

│ Features and advantages │

  • As it is developed as a Web-based system, you do not need to install Web.
  • As it has Cross OS /Cross Browser, it can be run in various environments.
  • More than 50 persons can connect to an individual conference room at the same time.
  • It can be used for remote real-time video conference, lecture, public hearing, and staff conference.
  • Document sharing / screen sharing / video sharing / file sharing / Recording support
  • Document synchronizing
  • Supporting a variety of document formats
  • Intuitive user interface

│ Major functions │

sharing function

  • It supports the function of sharing various documents such as MS Office 2007,
    Hangeul 2010, PDF, and Text.
  • While selecting or reading a document, it can open other document.
  • Presentation data can be distributed at the same time.

Audio/video conference function

  • It is possible to share the audio and video of lecturers and MCs.
  • It is possible to change layouts according to users’ tastes.
  • It is possible to do 1 : 1 or 1 : multiple Video / Audio & Text chatting.

Conference function

  • Recording function
  • It supports various kinds of writing
  • Presentation screen enlarging/reducing function
  • Presentation screen synchronizing
  • It is possible to download and save FDF conference documents.

Integrated control function

  • A function to ask for the floor
  • A function to upload and select presentation data
  • A function to check the presenter and the participant

Optional function

  • A function to share a screen
  • A function to share a video
  • A function to share a file
  • It is possible to write up the minutes of a meeting.

│ Product standards │



Product environment

Web Browser base

Video Codec

VP6, H.264

Audio Codec

G.711, SPXEE, MP3

Development environment

FLEX Builder4.6




Support (WMV)


It is automatically adjusted according to the resolution of the monitor.

Web sharing

Support (It does not support pop-up.)


Free Talk

Video sharing

Support (FLV)

Screen sharing



Windows 7

Mobile support

It does not support mobile.
Under development (It supports Android, IOS)


Windows 2003, 2008, Linux

User program

Flash player 11