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Integrated Electronic Conference Management

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eCLIPS │ Integrated Electronic Conference Management System

│ Description │

>>Electronic conference integrated management system

This is a Web-based conference management system focusing on the previous preparation for the conference and the management after the conference. Through the functions of the eClip System such as the previous preparation of the conference, and the management, storage, and reference of minutes of the conference, you can not only manage the conference perfectly and systematically, but also improve business processes such as individual conference schedule management and instruction management.

>>Execution screen

│ Features and advantages │

Schedule management

  • It manages conferences and personal schedules on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Personal reference room
  • Interworking with messenger
  • Function to read messages

Conference reference

  • It can read the whole list related to conferences.
  • It can read personal conference schedules.
  • It can read the details of pervious conferences and attached data.
  • It manages instructions and resolutions.

Minutes management

  • It is possible to search for conference names and users by subjects.
  • It secures, stores, and manages conference data by labels.
  • It can attach data on kinds of conferences and supplementary data.

Statistical function

  • It can check total conference hours spent for individual persons.
  • it can check total conference hours by departments and positions.
  • It can check actual conference hours compared to reserved conference hours.
  • It can check weekly and monthly total conference hours.

Conference management

  • Interworking with RAVCOMS series
  • Conference reservations (Automatic compilation and conference reservation)
  • Opening of conference rooms
  • Function to attach conference data
  • Setting of security level

Reference room

  • It can resister conference data for common use.
  • It can read the minutes of past conferences.
  • It can be used as a whiteboard and for audio conferences.

Organization chart

  • It can interwork with and read the company organization chart.
    It manages the organization chart.


  • Basic guidance for how to use the site
  • Basic guidance for how to use the program
  • Q&A / FAQ
  • It supports the installation of the program.